Cloud-native. No Headaches.

Netifi is a cloud-native application platform, built on RSocket, that dramatically reduces operational overhead and speeds development with AI-driven management and reactive software components.


The future of cloud-native applications

Netifi, built on RSocket, is a platform that simplifies the way developers build microservices and cloud-native applications. Just as Kubernetes and other have made the operations of cloud-native infrastructure easier, Netifi automates away the complexity of building distributed systems for the developer. Using the Netifi platform a traditional enterprise developer can build sophisticated, cloud-native, distributed applications with minimal effort.



An open source application-level networking protocol and RPC framework built specifically for cloud-native application and microservice communication.



An application development platform, built on RSocket, that provides everything you need to build and operate today's cloud-native applications.


RSocket Is Now Part of The Reactive Foundation

RSocket has a new home within the Reactive Foundation, an open source foundation dedicated to promoting the usage of reactive programming and systems in production.