About Netifi

We started Netifi to address the frustrations we encountered when building large microservice architectures. Cobbling together core components on top of HTTP is not the solution.

We knew there was a better way.


Together, our team has over 30 years of combined experience in solving some of the hardest problems in building, scaling, and operating large distributed systems at top companies.

Arsalan Farooq Picture
Arsalan Farooq
Chief Executive Officer

Arsalan has 25 years of experience in software management and business development spanning both start-ups and large companies most recently as CEO and co-founder of Convirture, which was acquired by Persistent Systems/Accelerite, in 2015. Prior to that, he founded Oracle's Application Service Level Management division growing it from two engineers to a multi-national organization. Arsalan holds degrees in Theoretical Physics and Computer Science from Reed College and Caltech.

Robert Roeser Picture
robert roeser
Chief Innovation Officer

Robert is a 10-year veteran of distributed realtime systems and an experienced leader of large scale technical projects. Recruited to the Netflix Edge Platform Engineering team in 2014, Robert assumed responsibility for resiliency, scale, and performance for Netflix’s 100 million viewers. His expertise directly resulted in savings of over $30 million dollars per year. Robert was the Lead Engineer and Architect on Nike’s realtime analytics platform, processing incoming traffic for 30M+ consumers.

Ryland Degnan Picture
ryland Degnan
Chief Technology Officer

As an integral part of the Netflix Edge Platform team, Ryland created a highly scalable and resilient edge tier that serves as the backbone for a distributed infrastructure serving over 100 million subscribers. He has over 12 years of experience building scalable distributed systems at organizations like Netflix, Skydeck, and Cisco. Ryland holds an MSc from the University of Oxford and a BA from Harvard University.

Greg Whitaker Picture
greg whitaker
Chief Product Officer

As a senior cloud platform architect at Nike, Greg created a highly scalable e-commerce platform to launch Nike’s newest and most sought after products. He has over 17 years of software development experience. Prior to Nike, Greg was responsible for electronic commodities trading and realtime risk analytics at JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank.

Our Investors

Alchemist Accelerator
Dell Technologies Capital
Oxford Angel Fund
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