Secure By Default

Netifi is born out of our experience building and operating the largest cloud-native platforms on the internet. Read below to see how our turnkey solution can benefit your organization.

Enterprise Security for Microservices

Secure, monitor, and manage today's modern cloud-native and microservices architectures faster, easier, and stronger than ever before.

Strong End-to-End Encryption

Communication between services and devices is secured via TLS and support for per-connection message encryption with perfect forward secrecy is included by default; eliminating the possibility of man-in-the-middle attacks without managing SSL certificates.

Powerful Service Security Rules

Control communication between services and devices within your infrastructure using simple to define ingress/egress rules in the Netifi console that work across any deployment topology and extend all the way out to client web, mobile, and IoT devices.

Dramatically Reduced Attack Surface

Netifi uses a revolutionary new communication paradigm that does not require you to expose publically accesible ports in order for your services to communicate. All traffic "connects in" to the Netifi network alleviating the need for port management and drastically shrinking the attack surface of your applications.

Works Anywhere

Netifi supports a flexible security model that allows your organization to secure services in any public cloud, on-premises, in Kubernetes and Pivotal Cloud Foundry, or a mixture of all of them.

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Ryland Degnan is the CTO of Netifi, and he joins the show to discuss reactive streams and service-to-service networking.

What is Netifi?

Product Overview

Bring cloud-native microservices to the enterprise on a secure, scalable, and massively performant backbone designed to connect all of your applications.

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