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Cloud-Native Microservices with RSocket

In this session with Arsalan Farooq (CEO, Netifi) you will learn how Netifi is using RSocket to simplify the way enterprises architect for the cloud, enabling enterprise developers to build and operate complex networks of services with performance improvements of up to 400% and cost reductions of up to 90% compared to legacy technology.

RSocket - Future Reactive Application Protocol

In this session, you will learn why RSocket is an innovative solution for cross-server communication. The session provides an overview of how we can use RSocket and how we can improve gRPC using RSocket. Finally, we will understand why we should start using RSocket today.

Reactive Microservices using RSocket

In this session, Ryland will demonstrate how RSocket can be used to achieve incredible gains both in application performance and development velocity by removing the need to tune circuit breakers, manage queues or develop complex workarounds for problems like thundering herds and dropped events. Want to implement a microservice *in your web browser* that can be called seamlessly from your backend Scala application? Come find out how RSocket makes that easy!

RSocket: Reactive Cloud-Native Networking

In this session, Ryland will discuss how Netifi is leveraging RSocket to simplify the way enterprises build and operate cloud-native applications, dramatically reducing operational overhead and speeding development velocity by allowing developers to focus on their product instead of their network infrastructure.

RSocket - New Reactive cross-network Protocol?

In this session, we are going to learn why RSocket is an innovative solution for cross-server communication, can we compare it with gRPC at all, and if we can, what are the key differences between RSocket and gRPC and why should you start using RSocket today.

Building a High-Performance Networking Protocol for Microservices

Robert Roeser and Arsalan Farooq talk about how techniques used in Fintech and Adtech – such as zero copy, flyweights, composite buffers, pooled memory, shared memory transport, and direct memory in languages like Java – can be used to improve performance in distributed applications.

Multiplayer Pac-Man with RSocket

Voxxed Athens 2019 - Multiplayer Pac-Man with RSocket by Oleh Dokuka and Daniil Drobot

RSocket – new Reactive cross-network Protocol

RSocket in a new network protocol with reactive streams semantic. It will make your system super fast and resilient. Come and learn why RSocket is the future of any cross-services communication.

Point-to-Point Messaging Architecture - The Reactive Endgame

What's next after Microservices Architecture? Can we do better than "WebHooks" over HTTP? Should distributed systems grow more complex every year? Can we start thinking beyond Cloud Computing? A majority of modern distributed softwares is built on the assumption that HTTP is the [only] standard communication protocol.

Reactive with RSocket, SpringOne Platform 2018

Stephane Maldini and Steve Gury give a demo and present about rsocket, Spring and reactive programming at SpringOne Platform 2018 in Washington, D.C.

RSocket Messaging with Spring

This session covers the upcoming RSocket support in the Spring Framework, Spring Boot, and Spring Security. It's intended as an introduction to RSocket from a Spring application perspective and will include a succinct overview of the RSocket protocol essentials necessary to follow the rest of the session.

Multi-Service Reactive Streams Using Spring, Reactor, and RSocket

This talk explores how to create a fully reactive multi-service architecture utilizing the RSocket protocol. The RSocket protocol enables Reactive Streams back pressure to be transmitted across a network link connecting reactive flows in multiple applications to directly affect one another in a positive way. In addition to discussing the RSocket protocol and how to use it, this talk will show integration with Spring and how it can be used in ways familiar to long-time Spring developers.

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