Why Proteus

Speed time to market and reduce the operational overhead and cost of running today's modern cloud-native and microservice architectures with Netifi Proteus.

Faster Time-to-Market

Proteus provides everything you need to build today's modern cloud-native applications in a single deployable artifact. No need to cobble together and deploy disparate open source projects before you even write your first line of code.

Seamless Integration

No need to rewrite your existing legacy applications. Proteus natively integrates RSocket with existing HTTP-based services through the Proteus HTTP Gateway as well as Proteus Enterprise Connectors for legacy databases and messaging systems.

Simplified Development Model

Designed by developers, for developers. Proteus' simplified development model takes the pain out of building distributed systems by providing a powerful, yet easy to use, communication abstraction that works in your favorite languages and frameworks like: Java, Javascript, and Spring Boot.

Lower Operational Costs

Operational overhead is greatly reduced with Proteus' advanced AI-based tuning and management. Proteus is constantly monitoring the flow of traffic between applications and automatically managing backpressure to prevent outages and re-routing traffic to self-heal network issues.

How Proteus Benefits You

Netifi Proteus is born out of the experiences we have learned from building and operating the largest cloud-native applications and infrastructures on the planet. The lessons learned span the entire company, not just software development. Read below to see how Proteus can benefit roles across your organization:


Build today's modern cloud-native and microservice applications faster, easier, and spend less time on-call supporting them.

    No need to learn new languages. Proteus supports Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Go, and more.

    No need to learn new frameworks. Proteus seamlessly integrates with Spring, Akka, and React.

    No need to rewrite your application. Proteus integrates with existing HTTP-based applications via the Proteus HTTP Gateway.

    Proteus natively works in the web browser and a server, reducing the number of technologies and frameworks you have to juggle.

    Proteus applications automatically implement backpressure and are self-healing, meaning less time spent triaging incidents.


Standardize development of cloud-native applications, easily interoperate with legacy systems, increase velocity of feature development, spend less time on support, and simplify your organization's architectural footprint.

    No need to cobble together and operationalize 30 different open source projects just to get your platform up and running. Proteus provides everything that is needed to build scalable, reliable, and secure cloud-native and microservice architectures in a single deployable.

    Proteus seamlessly integrates with existing legacy systems via the Proteus HTTP Gateway and Proteus Enterprise connectors for systems such as: Kafka, Oracle, TibcoEMS, and many more.

    Proteus' language agnostic shared contracts mean you can standardize how developers find and expose their services across your organization regardless of which language they use.

    Proteus supports a flexible deployment model that allows your organization to build services in the cloud, on-premises, in Kubernetes or Pivotal Cloud Foundry, or a mixture of all of them.

    Proteus solves multi and hybrid cloud deployments by allowing services deployed anywhere to seamlessly communicate.

    Proteus is secure by default. Communication between services and devices is secured via TLS and Proteus supports per-connection message encryption with perfect forward secrecy.

C-Level Executive

Increase developer productivity, decrease time-to-market, cut operational costs, and improve brand reputation through better uptime.

    Ship faster by unburdening your developers from operations and allowing them to focus on new features. Proteus uses advanced AI to monitor and automatically tune your infrastructure reducing operational overhead and costs.

    Save costs and speed adoption by not having to re-invent the wheel. Proteus seamlessly integrates with existing legacy systems via the Proteus HTTP Gateway and Proteus Enterprise connectors for systems such as: Kafka, Oracle, TibcoEMS, and many more.

    Save costs and operational overhead by shrinking the infrastructure of your existing workloads. Proteus' ultra-efficient messaging technology is capable of handling thousands of requests per second on a single instance.

    Reduce costly outages and brand reputation damage. Proteus applications are protected by backpressure out of the box and are linked by a self-healing network.

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